Our Beliefs


Buy Locally and Employ Local People

We have found buying and employing locally, workers are more committed to working on projects within their community and take a greater pride in the outcome.

Be a Good Employer

We believe having happy, motivated and well trained employees are essential to any company’s success.

Working Safely

We are fully committed to achieving high standards of Health and Safety throughout all of our sites and premises. We ensure our legal and moral obligations are met through actively striving to create a positive safety culture. Our aim is to create a working environment in which accidents do not occur, and in which Employees, Contractors and the Public are not exposed to safety, health and environmental hazards.

Provide Equal Opportunities

Topcon are an equal opportunities employer and ensure the relevant statutory regulations and code of practice is adhered to by participating in the Respect of the People Programme administered by Construction Excellence. All our staff are trained in delivering true equality to help deliver an organisation that is appropriately diverse in nature.

Support the Community

We believe strongly in supporting our local community, not only by buying and employing locally but also keeping the community around our sites fully informed of any works which will be carried out, by sending out flyers to residents advising them of a Site Contact if any problems are encountered. In areas where we are working we aim to communicate the dangers of building sites to local school children through an interactive health and safety presentation, with the ultimate aim of discouraging children from using construction sites as a playground.